The company has been established in response to the real demands of the direct selling market both in Poland and in Central Europe.

It is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, very dynamic, diverse and highly absorptive.

Today, General Advisors is the only, and the most specialised firm providing services exclusively to the direct selling industry in the range of personnel consulting, executive search and management consulting.

Thanks to our vast experience and connections in the direct selling industry, our actions are extremely effective and prompt, delivering services of the highest quality.

We are a business partner of Meridian MMi, the largest and the most esteemed company on the European market.

We cooperate closely with PSSB (Polish Direct Selling Association), the only organisation representing the industry in Poland and the member of SELDIA, the European Direct Selling Association.


With our high expertise and focus on the direct selling market, we are the most competent partner for companies operating in that industry. Our offer is tailored to specific demands of companies operating in the field of direct selling, multi-level-marketing/network marketing (mlm), single-level-marketing, party-plan, mixed systems, etc.

Due to our vast practical market experience, we know how important it is for the business development to reach just the right individuals, companies or institutions at the right time... How important it is to offer specific solutions and tools... How important it is to have a network of trusted, reliable business contacts and partners...

We specialise in the following four areas:

  • Executive Search
  • Start up consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Merger&Acquisition

Executive search

We provide our clients with the best available professionals in the direct selling and mlm industry. The search and selection process, due to the firm’s scope of operations and its connections in the industry, is fast and most effective. Direct selling is a specific and unique discipline - and such are the candidates that we provide to our partners/clients. We offer sound and fast services to companies and candidates, as well as the guaranty of satisfaction upon completing a project.

We are able to execute any recruitment project, in Europe and beyond.

Start-up consulting

The fast-growing market of Central Europe is highly demanding for foreign companies that enter this market. Domestic start-up businesses in the field of direct selling, operating both in Poland or abroad, face similar challenges.

We offer broad assistance to all such companies in creating business structures on a local market, administration and sales networks, as well as in forging contacts with domestic institutions. We provide them with a broad legal consulting, specialised support in the formal scope. We are experienced in launching direct selling start-ups in Central Europe, and equipped in the competences necessary to assist in their growth.

Management consulting

Due to the constantly changing market environment, the competition and the new product challenges, even the best-selling organisations are forced to use external consultancy sources capable of introducing appropriate changes within an organisation in a discreet and effective manner. We consult the management of companies in reorganisation of companies, implementing the optimisation and economisation processes. Organisational, legal and fiscal problems, control systems deficiencies... We assist in solving all the problems that direct sales companies face.


We offer consulting and agency services in the sale, merger and acquisition projects in the direct selling industry. The dynamics of the market induces the owners and the management boards to make strategic decisions determining the effective and profitable operations of a company. Thanks to the broad network of contacts among investors and on the direct selling market, we are able to assist in matching companies interested in sale, acquisition or merger. We participate in efficient, fast and discreet preparation and execution of such processes.


General Advisors is an ethical company abiding by the rules of fair play. Thanks to our high competence, discretion and the broad network of contacts in the industry and outside the industry, we are a responsible and reliable partner.

We are a business partner of Meridian MMi, a company that has the widest network of industry contacts and business partners in Europe, actively cooperating with the American market and the American Direct Selling Association.

General Advisors closely cooperates with the Polish Direct Selling Association (member of SELDIA and Polish Confederation of Private Employers "Lewiatan").



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